Troop 88 - FORMS & Joining

To join the troop the following forms are required:

  • Registration Application
  • Medical - parts A & B
  • Copy of Insurance Card
  • Food Restrictions form
  • Registration Fee
  • --Registration-- (to join)

    Scout and Adult registration forms can be printed from the Patriots' Path Council website. There is also a Registration Fee.

     Youth Application

      Go to Council Site
      select Applications: Scouting/Venturing Youth
     This form is to initially sign up as a Boy Scout (or transfer into the troop), not to re-register with the troop each year.

     If currently registered as a Cub Scout, use this form to transfer to Boy Scouts and include your current Id number.

      Submit to the Scoutmaster.
     Adult Application

      Go to Council Site
      select Applications: Scouting/Venturing Adult
     This form is to initially sign up as an Adult Volunteer (or transfer into the troop), not to re-register with the troop each year.

      Submit to the Committee Chair.


    Medical forms are required to be submitted when joining and annually with re-registration. For Summer Camp, the Doctor's section is also required. The forms can be printed from the BSA website as noted below.


      Go to the BSA med form Site
     The Annual Health and Medical form is required for Scouts and Adults annually. Parts A & B, with a Parent's signature, are required to attend most Troop events. A copy of the insurance card is also needed.

    * Joining & Re-registration: Parts A & B, with a Parent's signature must be resubmitted each year, at re-registration.
        (click on download under "All Scouting Events")

            Notes on completing [Part A] and [Part B]

    * Summer Camp: Also Part C (Doctor's exam & signature) is required for certain events like Summer Camp and High Adventure trips. (Valid for one year.)
        (click on download under "Going to Camp?")

    * Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, use the Annual Health and Medical form specific for that program.  A Doctor's exam & signature is required on Part C.
       (click on download under "Are you Planning a High-Adventure Trip?")

     Health Insurance Card


     Please provide a copy (both sides) of the health insurance card. If the card is changed during the year please provide a new copy.

     Food Restrictions

      [ open form ]

     Please fill out this form so that we can understand food allergies and restrictions. This will help us in planning meals on the campouts and events. Note that Scouts serve as Cooks to plan and prepare meals.


    The items below are needed to participate in Scouting. If you have any questions, please ask a leader before purchasing.
    Items can be purchased at the [Patriots Path Council Scout Shops]:
  • 1 Saddle Road,Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927
  • 1130 Rt. 22 West, Mountainside, NJ 07092

  • If there are affordability concerns, please discuss with the Troop Committee Chair or the Scoutmaster.


     An official BSA Boy Scout uniform is required for Scouts.
       This uniform is often referred to as "Class A". It is worn to Troop Meetings, Courts of Honor and other official Scout events.

       Some items may be available in the Troop's Uniform Exchange.

     Troop 88's Offical Uniform includes the following:
  • Boy Scout Shirt: long sleave / short sleave
  • Boy Scout Pants: long / shorts / zip-offs
  • Boy Scout Belt
  • Boy Scout Socks

  •  Insignia
  • Troop numbers: 88
  • Any Patriots Path Council Shoulder patch
  • Epilets (Boy Scout green)
  • World Souting patch

  •  Not needed
  • Neckerchief & Slide
  • Hat

  •  Handbook

     The official BSA Boy Scout Handbook. (13th Edition). This handbook contains the sign-off pages for recording the completeion of the Rank requirements, logging attendance at events as well the information needed to fullfill the requirements. The Scout will keep this book throughout his time as a Boy Scout as the official record of his status.

     Personal Equipment


  • Sleeping Bag
  • Pad
  • Water Bottle
  • Mess Kit: Plate/Bowl, Fork, Spoon
  • Duffel bag