Troop 88 FORMS for Leaders

************This page is being updated******************


Event Leader: The following forms are needed to run a Troop event. Examples have been provided for some. Others can be found on the Council website.

Event Sign up Create a sign up sheet to post on the board at the meetings.
Equipment List
  • Warm Weather
  • Backpack Cool Weather
  • Cold Weather
  • If appropriate, use this to indcate needed equipment for the event.
    Tour Plan
    (see instructions & links under "Tour Plan")
    on the council site

    (or see Forms under Online Info)
    ** REQUIRED **

    A Tour and Activity Plan is required by BSA for any out of Council event.
    * Instructions and links to the online forms are on the Council site (use link on the left).
    * The Tour Leader must be a Troop 88 registered Adult.
    * There is a standard list of Troop drivers that should be attached - just write "see attached list" at the bottom of the form. Write in any additional drivers, if necessary, when you leave on the trip.
    * It must be signed by a Commitee Member.
    * It should be sent to Council 2 weeks before the event. It can be sent to them (and returned) by mail, fax or email (
    * The leader should have the approved form in-hand on the trip.
    *   Remember to write in any additional drivers, if necessary, before you leave.
    Permission Sign in (Word doc templet) ** REQUIRED **

    Create a permission sheet for parents to sign when leaving on the trip. Parental permission is required for every trip.
    * A contact phone #(s) is needed for emergencies during the trip.
    * This also acts as a final roster.
    * After the trip give the roster to the database coordinator to be entered into Troopmaster.
    Expense Form Use for reimbursement of event expenses.
    * It recommended that fees for events be collected as checks to Troop 88.
    * The Event leader then submits for reimbursement.
    * The expense form for an event is generally approved by the Scoutmaster.